AVT Khyber New Serial Drama "Talan" Recording Wallpaper

Pashto Young Actor Nouman Toru and Senior Actor Khan Bahadar
New Serial Drama "Talan" Set
Khan Bahadar Nouman Toru

Rahmat Dewan
Pashto Actor Rahmat Dewan
 Nouman Toru and Munawar Ali Shah
Pashto TV Actors Wallpaper
Muntazim Shah
Pashto Actor and Director
Munawar Ali Shah, Rahmat Dewan, Chief, Manzoor Khan
Pashto Serial Drama Talan
Khan Bahadar and Nouman Toru 
Pashto Actor Khan Bahadar
Farid ullah Shah Hasas, Haji Fazal Nabi, Ashfaq Toru and Munawar Ali
AVT Khyber Serial Drama
Haji Fazal Nabi and Ashfaq Toru
Pashto TV Director Photo
Haji Fazal Nabi and Khan Bahadar
Pashto Actors Images
Pashto TV Actor Farid ullah Shah Hasas
Rahmat Dewan, Ashfaq Toru and Rauf
Ashfaq Toru, Khan Bahadar and Nouman Toru
Ashfaq Toru, Khan Bahadar and Haji Fazal Nabi
Pashto Young Director Ashfaq Toru


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  3. Great to see that senior actors are getting back, especially khan bahadar and manzoor khan, they are extra ordinary.
    Whereas shit actors like jahangir, shahid and swati are the reason people don't care about pushto dramas, now as our senior actors are back on screen so its surely going to be a hit drama.

    #KeepItUp #GreatWorkToru